About Çoker Seeds

Çoker Seeds was a seed and farmer oriented seed retailer which led farmers who lived in Akhisar district to be acquainted with first advanced technology and high quality seeds in 4 square meter space in Akhisar covered market in 1986. We supplied best and finest quality seeds to our farmers during our journey which starts from Akhisar to Aegean Region.In the beginning of 2000s,in order to address to all Turkish farmers our firm started to seed production.Also our firm hold all the manufacturing and registration rights of registered cowpea varieties.Besides addressing to hobby purposed grower ornamental plant seeds were extended our portfolio.Since 2015,our firm which served early hybrid artichoke to our farmers have put our products on international market.Together with 400 m2 operation center,200 hectare manufacturing yard and 2000 tone processing (sieving,calibration) capacity we are continuing to put our country’s natural and healthy seeds into use of gowers.